Drywall Insurance

Everything You Need To Know About Drywall Insurance

All drywall contractors need to have some sort of drywall insurance to protect them against huge claims. However, you may be wondering what type of insurance coverage is needed for your business. Below are the different types of drywall insurance, what they cover, and why you should have these policies for your business.

Commercial Liability Insurance

As a drywall contractor, you need to make sure that your work is covered on every project. With liability coverage, you are insured if the drywall is defective or if the drywall causes damage to the property. Quite simply, liability coverage will protect your company from any lawsuits or claims that arise from any work done by your company. 

Commercial Auto Insurance

If your company owns or operates any commercial vehicles, then you will need to make sure that your vehicles have the right commercial auto insurance. This can protect your company from any accidents that may occur. The right commercial auto insurance should provide enough coverage for most situations. 

Commercial Building Insurance

If you own a building, then it is important that you have commercial building insurance to protect you from any accidents or incidents that may happen on your property. You should also make sure that your building is insured against any natural disasters, fires, floods or any other acts of nature that can affect operations. 

Workers Compensation Insurance 

Finally, you will want to ensure that you have the right type of worker’s compensation insurance in case of any employee injuries on the job. The right worker’s comp insurance will allow you to cover your employees with minimal cost to your bottom line. 

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