Electrician Insurance

Everything You Need To Know About Electrician Insurance

Few things are more dangerous than working with electricity. This includes both while you’re working and what happens after your work is done. To protect yourself and your business from liability, make sure you carry electrical contractors insurance.

Why Electrician Insurance?

Protect Yourself from Accidents on the Job

When you’re working, it often isn’t possible to achieve total safety. You may be working around sensitive equipment that can’t be powered down during the work, or you may not be entirely sure where old wiring leads. Further, when you flip a breaker switch, it may not be labeled properly.

If you or one of your contractors is injured by an electrical shock, you could be out of work for months or even years. Electrician insurance covers your medical bills and lost wages in these types of accidents so that you can continue to make ends meet even if you’re injured on the job.

Protect Yourself from Liability

When you’re wiring someone’s home or business, it’s almost inevitable that you will eventually make a mistake. Most mistakes are inconsequential, but some could lead to someone being electrocuted or a building being set on fire. Even when these types of incidents are accidental, you still have to provide compensation for any injuries or property damage that happened as a result of your negligence.

A serious accident could cost you several years’ worth of profits or even put you out of business. Electricians liability insurance covers these costs for you so you don’t have to worry about your business at risk.

Protect Yourself While Working

During a job, you also have the risk of being liable for routine accidents. This includes things like someone tripping on a cord or being hit by something you drop while working on a ladder. Even in a minor accident, medical bills and lost time from work can quickly add up.

Electrical contractors insurance provides full liability protection while you’re on a job site. This includes not just accidents caused by electricity but general accidents like slip and falls. This allows both you and your clients to feel confident that if something goes wrong, no one will lose money.

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