Flooring Insurance

Everything You Need To Know About Flooring Insurance

Your business is your lifeline. It must flourish in order for you to make a living, pay creditors and take care of your employees. On a personal basis, you probably have a life insurance policy to protect your loved ones. The question is; do you have adequate Fence Contractors Insurance? If not, you are in a very perilous situation. Don’t panic however, we are here to provide you this critical need at an affordable price. 

ence installation companies are always on the move. You’re hustling back and forth between job sites, looking into where to purchase additional equipment, trying to find new workers and researching how to improve your advertising. You travel and meet prospective new clients and all the while attempt to keep your head above water and make a profit. However, all this comes with a myriad of risks. You need Fence Insurance to help you sleep at night. 

A solid fencing contractors insurance policy begins with comprehensive general liability coverage. Think of this as your safe haven that covers you when unexpected events occur. A storm blows in and damages your inventory, damage occurs to a customer’s yard while you are on-site, a fire ravages your warehouse. Without general liability coverage, you could be finished. Why take this chance? 

The other critical parts of a Fencing Insurance Policy should include: 

  • Equipment Breakdown: Your equipment is expensive and specialized. If you are without it for a period of time, you will lose business and may suffer extensive repair costs. Cover yourself by protecting your business against this danger.
  • Buildings and Contents: Your infrastructure holds your precious equipment and assets. Anything from a hurricane, tsunami, fire or flood can ruin it all in a heartbeat. Don’t take the chance of being wiped out.
  • Business Income and Extra Expense: If you are unfortunate enough to suffer damage, renting a temporary space to keep your operations going is stressful and can be extremely expensive. This policy will help you get back on your feet (at least temporarily) and keep your business afloat during this difficult time.
  • Products and Completed Operations: In the great majority of your installations, your customers will be happy and refer you for additional jobs. Yet, there are always a few cases where weeks or months later, problems arise with the job. This can cause financial stress on you. Our policy has your back.
  • Electronic Data: We live in a digital world. Receipts, customer databases, equipment catalogs, business software are all stored on a computer. If a file is damaged, corrupted or lost, it can be heart wrenching and expensive to try and retrieve them. We protect you.
  • Employee Dishonesty Coverage: Nobody wants to think about this, but it happens. If equipment is stolen or damaged by an employee, who takes these losses? You do. However, our policy will reimburse you and make you whole again.

We will provide you with reliable Fence Insurance coverage at an affordable price. We have all the latest information and research at our fingertips to allow us to tailor something right for only your business. Contact us today to fill out a form to get a free instantaneous on the spot quote.


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