Flooring Insurance

Everything You Need To Know About Flooring Insurance

Flooring is the process of installing a floor into a home’s or building’s foundation. It seems like a relatively safe process, but many hazards are hidden and not obvious to all professionals. Here are several dangers that flooring companies face and the reasons why specialized insurance is important.

Hazardous Equipment

Working with heavy, solid flooring materials like stone or concrete is more dangerous than working with lighter ones like wood. A variety of construction equipment is needed to pour in the concrete, even out its surface and allow it to dry. Not having the right skills will cause this equipment to malfunction and create accidents.

Property Damages

Nobody who installs floors wants to cause accidental damages to the rest of the house. Sometimes, even with the most experienced floor installers, accidents happen, causing scratches on the furniture or broken vases, etc. Flooring insurance for contractors includes general and property liability coverage for the costs of risks and negligence.

Slips and Falls

The most common accidents that involve floors are slips and falls. As the old materials are being removed, debris remains behind and blocks the walkway. These falls cause bodily injuries and medical bills that workers do not want to pay. Floor insurance covers accident-related expenses that result from negligence on the part of your workers. Not all insurance policies cover negligence, so the terms vary with each company.

Toxic Contamination

Contamination from the chemicals used to treat floors is another concern. Some paints contain VOCs and other toxins that cause respiratory problems when workers inhale them constantly. Flooring installers need to be protected in case they misuse the chemicals accidentally or on purpose.

Accidents can occur at any moment in any residential or commercial building where floor work is being done. No owner of a successful flooring company wants to hire professionals who are negligent and cause more problems than necessary, but if they do, flooring insurance is available. Recovering from stressful event involves finding the right insurance provider to cover your business. Call our company to receive a free, instant quote for our flooring contractors insurance.


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