Handyman Insurance

Everything You Need To Know About Handyman Insurance

If you are just one person and are just starting off with your own small business and perhaps just doing it part time, it may seem that it isn’t necessary to get handyman insurance until your business income can support the cost as well as all your other expenses. However, if there is any kind of accident or any type of damage to a customer or the home, you will then realize that it is truly a necessary expense and one that you should get as quickly as possible. What happens to your livelihood if your tools are stolen? Also, there may be local or state rules demanding insurance to perform home repairs, so be sure to check on that. 

What is Handyman Insurance?

Handyman liability insurance and handyman general liability insurance are the ones to ask an experienced agent about. Also, ask for quotes and a complete explanation of what would be covered. You can also inquire about the available payment plans, which would probably include a choice of monthly or four to six payments throughout the year. 

Handyman liability insurance will normally have the following coverage:

  • $1,000,000 maximum liability coverage per incident
  • $2,000,000 each year maximum limit on aggregate coverage 
  • $1,000 deductible

Rates vary considerably depending on a number of factors including what state you live in, the amount of your revenue, what services you perform, and others. 

Why do handymen need general liability insurance?

They don’t realize that their line of work comes with risks and even bodily injury if a customer trips over a tool or needs medical attention or insists that some property was damaged and needs repairing or replacing, both of which could lead to a lawsuit. With this insurance, you are entitled to a lawyer, the legal costs, and possible compensation. 

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