House Cleaning Insurance

Everything You Need To Know About House Cleaning Insurance

Cleaning homes seems like the safest activity to do professionally. Most companies have workers’ compensation insurance for their employees, but the safety of workers is not a top priority. Like every profession, there are dangers that must be protected with the help of insurance. House cleaning insurance is recommended to companies that hire professional cleaners.

House Cleaning Hazards

House cleaning is physically laborious and requires hours of standing, bending and lifting heavy items. Professional cleaners use harsh cleaning chemicals that could spill and splash into their eyes or skin. Liquids that are spilled on the floor may cause slips and falls that lead to serious injuries in some cases. The most common dangers include:

  • Slips and falls
  • Chemical spills
  • Back or hand injuries
  • Chemical poisoning

Regardless of a worker’s years of experience or physical fitness, accidents can happen to anyone. Many cleaning companies obtain cleaning contractors insurance to cover the medical bills, lost wages and long-term recovery expenses of injured workers. 

Types of Coverage

The main types of coverage for house cleaning insurance include: 

  • Costs of cleaning tools and equipment 
  • General liability
  • Professional liability
  • Property damages
  • Bodily injuries 

No professional cleaner works efficiently without using heavy equipment like vacuums, mops, autoscrubbers and pressure washers. If the standard equipment breaks down, the insurance company covers the costs of repairs and replacements.

General liability insurance covers the claims and lawsuits that result from slips and falls and other accidents. Professional liability covers the costs of errors that result from an employee’s negligence. Property damages are covered for any accident that occurs on the company’s premises.

There are certain things that customers want to know before hiring house cleaning providers. Likewise, there is information that businesses want to know before buying insurance policies. First, it’s important that cleaning companies know the importance of being insured. Then, compare different companies based on rates and services.

House Cleaning Insurance

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