HVAC Insurance

Everything You Need To Know About HVAC Insurance

HVAC contractors need to make sure they have the proper insurance to ensure all aspects of their business is covered. However, many HVAC contractors may not understand what type of coverage they need. Below are the critical HVAC insurance coverages all heating and cooling contractors need in order to protect their business.

Liability Insurance 

Perhaps the most critical coverage needed for any HVAC contractor is liability coverage. This will protect a business from any damages that may occur at a client’s property caused by the equipment, installation or any other aspect of the HVAC process. Having liability coverage will protect the owner or the principals of the HVAC company from personal liability. This coverage will also cap the out-of-pocket costs of any damages or claims against the company. 

Commercial Property Insurance

If you own a commercial property, then you will want to have commercial property insurance. They can cover your property from any damage done on the site due to everything from fire to accidents, floods, natural disasters or any other acts of nature. 

Commercial Auto Insurance 

If your HVAC business owns a vehicle, then it will be important that you have commercial auto insurance. This coverage can protect your business in case the vehicle is in an accident or it is involved in an incident on the worksite. 

Workers Comp Insurance

If your HVAC business includes employees, then you will need to have workers comp insurance. With workers comp coverage, your business is protected in case there is an injury on the job. 

Your All-In-One Solution

It can be a challenge to find all the coverage you need for your HVAC business. The good news is that we can provide comprehensive heating and cooling insurance coverage at a competitive price. Contact us today for a quick, free quote. 


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