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Everything You Need To Know About Pest Control Insurance

Pest control is one of the ways to keep a business or home environment healthy, but it is often overlooked, and not given much attention. This creates opportunities for pest control companies to provide essential services to their clients and by using a form of pest control insurance which is availed to their customers, they are ensured to receive expert advice and services which are in alignment with their organizational goals.

Why Pest Control?

We live in a world where pests abide in almost all living spaces, and when they become cumbersome and intrusive, pest control companies are usually the go to place for extermination. As a provider of insurance for exterminators, we offer tailor made solutions, which include insurance for businesses that specialize in termite reduction, wild life control, fumigation and lawn spraying which all work to reduce the number and impact of pests that a customer might face. 

Advantages of Insurance for exterminators

There are many companies involved in the field of pest control, and as is normal with many industries, there is the risk of damage to property. These can include misuse of chemicals and general accidents that may occur while performing a crucial job task. Exterminator insurance will help protect the pest and termite control businesses in case something goes wrong, covering property, general liability, professional liability, and excess liability. 

As an insurance company, we aim to make sure that the claims process goes smoothly, without any hassle, as well as handling renewals and changes in policy. Additional features include coverage for equipment and even insurance for the bed bug sniffing dogs that many companies use as part of their service provision. 

We also cover multiple aspects such as general liability, rented/non- owned auto insurance, errors & omissions, workers’ compensation, equipment coverage as well as sewer backup. Our all round perspective about the pest control industry means we are able to provide solutions to companies of all sizes in various locations as well as being accessible and offering personalized covers. 

We are an experienced and knowledgeable team that strives to ensure the security of the businesses that we engage with, and hence we are willing to consult with pest reduction companies to determine their greatest risks, and work hand-in-hand it minimize them. Our organization is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive insurance for pest control as part of our agreement and a free, instant quote is available from the link below.

Pest Control

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