Roofing Insurance

Everything You Need To Know About Roofing Insurance

When you’re up on someone’s roof, there’s a lot that can go wrong. From injuries to workers to accidental damage to injuries to people walking below, your business could be liable to financially make any harms right. To avoid losing your profits or potentially going out of business, make sure you carry insurance for roofing contractors.

Injuries to Workers

Injuries to your workers are often covered by workers compensation or other basic business insurance. However, roofing is a dangerous activity, and certain types of accidents may be excluded under some general policies.

The greatest risk to your workers is falling off of the roof and facing disabling injuries or even death. The settlement in this type of accident could easily put most roofing companies out of business. To avoid gaps in your insurance coverage, make sure you have dedicated roofing insurance that covers all types of accidents.

Injuries to Others

While you’re working on a roof, you have a duty to protect others from injuries. This includes people going in and out of the building as well as people who may be walking by. You can’t just assume they see you working and will take care to avoid accidents. People may not realize that there’s active work at the time, or they may assume that the area is safe to walk through if it isn’t blocked off.

The biggest danger is dropping something on someone’s head, but accidents could also involve tripping on tools left on the ground or scaffolding collapse. You probably train your workers to take as many precautions as possible, but accidents can still happen. Having roofers insurance means that you’ll be protected no matter what happens at your job site.

Property Damage

Property damage can come in several forms. Like injuring someone else, if you drop something and it damages a screen, window, car, or other objects, you’ll have to pay for the repairs.

In addition, you could be liable for any damage caused by errors in your work. This could be a leaky roof, or it may be something like ground-level flooding caused by improper drainage of water running off of the roof. Roofing insurance protects you when negligence in your work causes harm to others.

Roofing Insurance

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