Tradesman Insurance

Everything You Need To Know About Tradesman Insurance

Every tradesman is vulnerable to many risks. An average office worker is not prone to as many as a tradesman. Tradesmen such as a builder contracting a residential property extension, an electrician re-wiring a commercial building or even a plumber installing new pipes in flats may lose their tools or may be involved in various accidents while working at a site. Besides, they are likely to cause property damage or bodily injury to a third party.

Why Tradesman Insurance?

One mistake may cost tradesman years of hard work and leave him under high pressure of horrendous compensation payments. This is common in the current litigious society where people rush to blame others and sue them for damages or financial loss that they may have caused. The truth is that they need compensation and the law will support them in case of such a dispute. 

To be on the safe side, tradesmen should protect themselves against such expenses. The best way to achieve this is to buy tradesman insurance. This policy takes all the pressure and stress of running a business. It offers tradesmen protection against huge claims of negligence in case of property damage or injury to an employee(s) or a public member(s) due to their actions or other factors such as flood, fire, subsidence and much more. 

Typical insurance for tradesman provides comprehensive coverage to builders, electricians, painters and decorators, carpenters, plasterers and much more. The most critical aspect of this policy is public liability insurance. This plan offers tradesman protection against third-party claims in case of property damage or personal injury due to their actions or negligence. 

Most tradesmen usually hire full-time or sub-contract (temporary) workers. As a result, they should consider buying employers’ liability insurance. This policy offer tradesmen protection if one of their employees get injured while in line of duty. For instance, falling off a ladder or get injured by falling objects. This policy covers all the legal fees and compensation payments that might arise from a chain. 

Most tradesman insurance policies offer ‘bolt-on’ options such as personal accident insurance, tools, and equipment insurance and vehicle (van) insurance. It’s always critical to go for a reputable insurer and ensure that the underwriter puts your policy as per your preferences. This will help you to affirm their ability to support you financially in case of a claim. 

A policy for a tradesman is very critical especially insurance for tradesman contractors. Transfer all your risks to your insurer and lead a stress-free life. Life is full of surprises, and no one can avoid all risks.

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